Patient assessment guideline.


GOLD - MEMBERSHIP ; For Medical Doctors - 

An introduction to the GOLD - MEMBERSHIP. ( For the reference of interested family doctors )

This membership is uniquely designed for doctors who involved with general practice (Family Medicine). Any MBBS qualified SLMC registered doctor can get our GOLD-MEMBERSHIP, provided he / she agree to our terms & conditions.

After getting GOLD-MEMBERSHIP we provide following facilities to the doctor’s general practice.

i) Documents & printed materials required for the registration of CHIRA - JEEWA members.
ii) Software facilities for the monthly health information updating process of registered members.
iii) Other infra structural support to sustain a group of members under his/ her leadership. (The number of members depends on his / her internal capacity.) We provide a parent account of our web site  for our GOLD-MEMBERS where they can maintain a list of CHIRA-JEEWA members in that account. Using this account, they can access to the member's health information. Then the GOLD-MEMBER  can give his/her online advices to the members through this account.
iv) Privileges & advantages through CHIRA–JEEWA partnership. - Financially, Professionally & Technically.

We expect following contributions from our GOLD-MEMBERS:

i) To encourage eligible local residents to get the CHIRA-JEEWA membership by explaining its scientific basis & benefits.
ii) To arrange  reviews (monthly / frequent )  of CHIRA - JEEWA members at their general practice. They are expected to study the history & examine the patient & go ahead with special investigations. Ultimately they are supposed to prepare the  follow up health information summary according to the guidelines given.  (See below for the recommended patient assessment guideline and a sample duly filled health information monthly summary.)

iii)  GOLD-MEMBERS are assigned to help CHIRA-JEEWA members to upload their health information summary & health calendar, and other past medical records during their clinic visits if members are in need of such professional support / guidance.
iv) GOLD-MEMBERS are allowed to claim service charges from CHIRA –JEEWA members for their professional services. These charges must be according to the guidelines given by us, but they are totally independent on that matter. GOLD-MEMBERS are not expected to collect any charges from our members on behalf of us acting as an agent. But they are given the autonomy to locally develop and sustain a membership  under his/her leadership.( See below for a typical CHIRA-JEEWA membership health co-operative network.) 
v) They are expected to educate CHIRA-JEEWA members about our web based online health care services & to encourage them to get maximum benefit from it.
vi) They are expected to guide C-J members whenever possible to maintain links with specialist doctors through our web site. Especially when they need specialist opinions for their medical problems.

vii) They are supposed to study the health profile accounts of members registered under him/her at least  monthly ( or more frequently) and to upload special advices, health educational materials, opinions, follow up plans etc. to the relevant page of the member's health profile account. This is in addition to the assessment they usually do during the monthly review of our members. They are expected to charge their professional fees from C-J members for all above tasks  during their monthly visit. This  depends on the effort which has to be made for each member.

viii) C-J members can get online consultations/advices from their GOLD-MEMBERS (Family doctors) for their health issues. In that case the C-J member has to pay an online payment for the GOLD-MEMBER'S account.

Recommended patient assessment guideline and a sample duly filled health information monthly summary.

1-This patient assessment guideline format contains a comprehensive outline. Please use this format as a guide and use your clinical sense to assess patients. You do not need to fill all the categories of this format. But always keep the general outline in your mind when you assess CHIRA-JEEWA members in their monthly visits, to be ideal.

2-Now start filling "HEALTH INFORMATION MONTHLY SUMMARY" form provided by us. 

3-The last two pages of these images contain a sample dully filled "HEALTH INFORMATION MONTHLY SUMMARY". This is the ideal way which we expect. Please go through it and create your own monthly summary for our members accordingly.