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NOTICE-1--- Important message to the stakeholders - උනන්දුව ඇති ඔබට වැදගත් පනිවුඩයක්.

NOTICE-2--- Market research for the mission - සෞඛ්‍ය සේවාව සඳහා පාරිභෝගික සමීක්ෂණය.

NOTICE-3--- A powerful message about team work and leadership -නායකත්වය සහ කණ්ඩායම් හැඟීම පිළිබඳව බලවත් පනිවුඩයක්.

NOTICE-4--- International guidelines on PHR - ජාත්‍යන්තර ප්‍රමිතීන් සහ මාර්ගෝපදේශ




NOTICE-1--- Important message to the stakeholders - 

Notice to the invited and well informed readers.

Since we haven’t published our website yet, you are reading & studying this information only upon our personal kind request. After understanding our vision, mission objectives & business operations properly please think about the role which you can play in this mission as a social responsibility. We expect your contribution because it will be an investment for our future generations. You may have realized that there are so many positions vacant in our organization from the top management level down, including different types of memberships. Please decide the most suitable position for you in this mission & take hand with our  very beautiful, educated and intelligent team of compassionate people. You can spend your time, physical or mental effort, leadership qualities physical or financial resources in various ways & can earn the same but little more in return. This is the beauty of this CHIRA – JEEWA mission because we are operating mainly under co-operative concepts(Learn more..).Do not hesitate to contact us after taking your decision because we warmly welcome you at any time to our organization. We need spiritual brains to mastermind our organization. We need dedicated personalities to motivate our operations. We need wise, educated & talented stake holders to fill the gaps in our linking paths. We need really enthusiastic & innovative team to achieve our goals. We know for sure you are one of the people that we have been searching. That’s why we invited you to study this site even prior to launching this mission. Take your decision & open up your opportunities in this CHIRA –JEEWA organization. After taking that firm decision, please go to the “contact us" page.


NOTICE-2--- Market research for the mission - සෞඛ්‍ය සේවාව සඳහා පාරිභෝගික සමීක්ෂණය.


A research project to assess the demand, price sensitivity, service obtaining capacity, attitude and awareness in the market for this new online E – health service. Please follow the steps below.

1- Please click the  link below.
2- Go through the questionnaire available in our google drive account.
3- Just click the answers (responses) in each box.
4- Submit it to us at the end.

You will receive a confirmation message if you have submitted it correctly. We greatly appreciate your contribution for this task! Click the link below for the questionnaire 👎



රෝග නිවාරණය, සෞඛ්‍ය ප්‍රවර්ධනය සහ සෞඛ්‍ය කළමණාකරනය වෙනුවෙන් ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයින් වෙත නවීනතම මාර්ගස්ථ විද්‍යුත් මාධ්‍ය සෞඛ්‍ය සේවාවක් හදුන්වා දීමට අප සැලසුම් කර ඇත. මෙය අපගේ අනාගත පරපුරෙහි නිරෝගී සම්පත වෙනුවෙන් කරනු ලබන වටිනා ආයෝජනයකි. එවැනි සේවාවන් පිළිබඳව පාරිභෝගික ඉල්ලුම, අවබෝධය සහ සේවාවන් ලබා ගැනීමේ හැකියාව අධ්‍යයනය කිරීම සඳහා තොරතුරු ලබාගැනිමට  මෙම ප්‍රශ්ණාවලිය ඉදිරිපත් කරනු ලැබේ.

මෙම තොරතුරු කොළඹ ජාතික ව්‍යාපාර කළමණාකාරීත්ව ආයතනයේ  අධ්‍යයන කාර්යයක් සඳහා ද පසුව අප ආයතනයේ ඉදිරි ව්‍යාපාර සැලසුම් වෙනුවෙන්ද පමණක් භාවිතා කරන බව සලකන්න. සෑම ප්‍රශ්ණයකටම පිළිතුරු සැපයීමටත් සත්‍ය සහ  නිවැරදි තොරතුරු ලබාදීමටත් කාරුණික වන්න. ප්‍රකාශයට අදාල ඔබගේ අවංක සහ ස්වාධින  ප්‍රතිචාරය අදාල කොටුවේ (v) ලකුණ යොදා සටහන් කරන්න.

අපගේ අනාගත පරපුරේ නිරෝගී චිර - ජීවනය වෙනුවෙන් අප විසින් ගනු ලබන මෙම උත්සාහයට ඔබ දැක්වු සහයට ස්තුතියි. සමීක්ෂණ ප්‍රශ්ණාවලිය සඳහා පහත සඳහන් LINK එක  CLICK කරන්න.👎


More about research - A scholarly brief:

Research problem:

CHIRA –JEEWA MEDICAL SERVICE(CJMS); a new E – health service providing private organization has planned to sell a service package which mainly covers disease prevention, health promotion & health management fields, for which the demand, price sensitivity and eligible target populations (market niches) in the market for that service package is still unknown.


    1. To specifically identify the demand & attitude in different categories of selected people for each and every E- health service. 
    2.  To identify the overall demand & attitude in different categories of selected people for the whole service package.
    3. To comparatively identify the target populations (different categories of people) who shows high demand for these services.
    4. To identify the attitude in different categories of people about the “service obtaining mechanism” from CJMS.
    5. To specifically evaluate the price sensitivity among different categories of people for the E-health services planed by CJMS.
    6. To identify possible weaknesses & threats in the practical aspect of the mission.
    7. To identify possible opportunities in the current / future market for this business?
    8. To identify possible strengths within the organization which can be used for business development?
    9. To arrive at conclusions & solutions to create a strategic plan for marketing & sales promotion part of this service. 
    10. To differentiate target populations who have the capacity and ability to get the chira-jeewa membership (CJMS services).
    11. To identify the awareness and attitude in different categories of selected people about the existing health care system of Sri Lanka.


Scope :

This new health care service organization has a broader vision & mission to expand their services island wide .Therefore this research project has a scope to select the methodology, study population, and data collection process which can ultimately be inferred to a larger group of people. The researcher expects to select wide categories of people as sample population who represent all stake holders. This new service package contains lot of totally new concepts for the health care industry of Sri Lanka.  Therefore when assessing the awareness in sample study population researcher expect to deeply analyses it concerning each & every concept. The final product (service packages) contains smart phone compatible computer software applications to automatize services. Therefore this research will deeply assess the attitude of people over the user-friendly features of the final product. 

Study population:

1. Specialist doctors - 100 sample representing various specialties & areas.
2. Family doctors (general practitioners) - 100 sample representing various areas of country.
3. Other doctors (who are not doing general practice) - 100 sample as above
4. Para- medical professionals - 100 sample representing various categories of health professionals in various parts of country.
5. Non –medical professionals - 100 sample representing different job categories
6. Un-employees – 100 sample representing different socio – economic classes.
7. Leaders /executives who can act as agents for this mission - 100 sample from rural level to urban level.
8. Patients having non-communicable diseases: (NCDS) - 100 sample.
9. University students (non-medical) - 100 sample.
10. Medical students - 100 sample.
11. Business class population - 100 sample

Total study population-Minimum target= 1100. But depending on the replying frequency of general public to the questionnaire this figure is expected to be exceeding 1100.

Data collection method:

Survey method is selected both for retrospective & other data collections.

 I.By questionnaires given individually to intended individuals.

 II.By questionnaires published in the official website of the organization or sent via e mails.

This questionnaire is designed to achieve above mentioned 11 objectives of the research project. 

Data analysis method:

1-Descriptive analysis 2- Correlational analysis  3- inferential analysis


Abstract of the pilot survey done during August - December 2017:

Chronic illnesses are burden on individuals and on society. Given the increasing incidence of chronic diseases across the world, the search for more effective strategies to prevent and manage them is essential. The use of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) has assisted healthcare teams to demonstrate effective, relevant solutions to this growing challenge. An e-health enhanced CCM (e-CCM) for this burden is going to be implemented as a multi-disciplinary business entity by Chira-Jeewa medical service (CJMS)

 This cross-sectional survey which used stratified random sampling technique and self-administered questionnaire method, was carried out to assess the demand, price sensitivity, attitudes and awareness in the market for this new e-CCM business plan. Data were analyzed using descriptive, correlational and inferential methods. 458 individuals (sample population) representing 11 sub categories of Sri Lankan community (study population) were studied under 7 socio-demographic variables to assess 40 additional qualitative variables related to the CJMS mission, ultimately achieving 11 specific objectives. Although it is proven that nearly 80% of adult population in developed countries are being using e-health platforms as self-health management support services, the dilemma was the feasibility of such services in Sri Lankan market. This dilemma has been rationally solved and answered through this research. The long list of its important findings proved its feasibility and future success of this e-CCM of CJMS. The best example was nearly 86% of respondents were about to purchase this service package if they were offered it through the correct path.

 Despite the anticipated idiosyncratic aspects and several obstacles which hinder its widespread adoption, ultimate findings strongly recommend CJMS to go ahead with their business plans. But it is advisable to seriously consider the given 15 recommendations and SWOT analysis findings during their software development, strategic planning and implementation / management process.


NOTICE-3--- A powerful message about team work and leadership - නායකත්වය සහ කණ්ඩායම් හැඟීම පිළිබඳව බලවත් පනිවුඩයක්.

LETS WORK AS A TEAM TO MAKE A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR ALL OF US.THINK ABOUT OTHER'S NEEDS WHILE THINKING ABOUT YOUR NEEDS -....... අප සියළු දෙනාගේ අනාගතය ආලෝකමත් කරගැනීම සඳහා අපි එකම කාණ්ඩායමක් ලෙස ක්‍රීයාත්මක වෙමු . ඔබගේ අවශ්‍යතාවන් ගැන සේම අන් අයගේ අවශ්‍යතාවන් ගැනත් මඳක් සිතන්න.

NOTICE-4--- International guidelines on PHR - ජාත්‍යන්තර ප්‍රමිතීන් සහ මාර්ගෝපදේශ


The Chira-Jeewa mission and its health care operations are organized according to the most updated international guidelines. We have used the guidelines and up to date technologies used by following organizations which are the world leaders.

චිර - ජීව සංවිධානය සහ එහි සෞඛ්‍ය සේවාවන් වඩාත් යාවත්කාලීන වු ජාත්‍යන්තර මාර්ගෝපදේශයන්ට අනුව මනා ලෙස සංවිධානය කර ඇත. අප පහත සඳහන් ජාත්‍යන්තර සංවිධාන වල මාර්ගෝපදේශ සහ තාක්ෂණික සංකල්ප වැඩි වශයෙන් භාවිතා කර ඇත. එම සංවිධාන අද ලොව පවතින මෙම විශයෙහි වඩාත්ම ඉදිරියෙන් සිටින සංවිධාන වෙයි.


Please click the links below to learn more about our advisory organizations.

පහත සඳහන් link click කර අපගේ එම උපදේශක සංවිධාන ගැන දැනුවත් වන්න.

1- - USA

2-Journal of Health & Medical Informatics - USA

3- Personal health record (PHR) - user insights - Ryal college of physicians - London

4- HiMSS- UK

5- HiMSS -  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

6- Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) guidelines.

7- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS - USA.

8- Office for Civil Rights (OCR) - U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

9- ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology - USA)